Home Based Services


Elements of Motivation provides Home Based Clinical Services. For individuals and families who are unable to attend sessions in the office, due to a variety of reasons, our Therapists and Counselors will come to your home or a mutually agreed upon public location that you feel comfortable receiving services. To inquire if you are eligible for in home services, please contact our office.  

Individual Therapy


Individual therapy consists of working one-on-one with a licensed  therapist in a supportive setting. In this safe and secure environment a  person can delve into the feelings, belief systems, and behavior  patterns, which underlie challenges or obstacles they currently face.  Therapy may involve unearthing significant memories, or recognizing  areas where the client wants to make changes. Developing self-awareness  and a deeper understanding of themselves and other people can also be  part of a personal-growth journey a client can experience when working  with a competent therapist.

Family Therapy


Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy family members participate in  to help address internal conflicts within the family unit and learn  healthier ways to communicate. Mental health professionals such as a  psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, or a licensed therapist  normally provide family therapy services. Some problems family therapy  deals with include marital or financial stress; troubled relationships  among family members; or  the influence of drugs, alcohol, or a mental  disorder, which affect all family members.

What to Expect



We accept payment in cash, Visa or MasterCard. Insurance may also be accepted. To determine if your plan will cover services, please contact us for more information. Payment is due at the time of service. Sliding Scale payments may be offered on a case by case basis. For more information on rates of services, please call our office. 


Accepted Insurances include:


  • Medicaid (Fee for Service)
  • Silversummit Healthplan
    • Ambetter 
  • Behavioral Health Care Options
    • Health Plan of Nevada Medicaid also known as MEDICAID EXPANSION PROGRAM
    • Sierra Health &Life
    • Sierra Health Care Option
    • Sierra Choice
    • Health Plan of NV PPO
    • Health Plan of NV HMO with Tier 1 and Tier 2 ONLY
    • Electrical Workers
    • Construction Laborers
    • Plumbers & Pipe Fitters
    • City Of Boulder
    • State of NV
    • St. Rose
    • Las Vegas Police
    • Operating Engineers 501
    • Kaiser Permanente
    • Station Casinos
    • Fire Fighters
    • City of Henderson
    • Cesars 
    • Clark County Self Funded
    • Boulder City Hospital
    • Golden Nugget
    • UMR
    • Any insurance that goes thru Behavioral Healthcare Options
  • Mines & Associates
    • Local 711 & Retail Food Employees Benefit Fund
    • EAP’s from contracted companies thru Mines & Associates
  • Victims of Crime
  • Victims of Witness
  • Other Insurances that has OUT OF NETWORK BENEFITS

For More information regarding your coverage, please call our office.

Privacy and Confidentiality

 It should go without saying that you can expect absolute privacy and confidentiality.  There may be instances when you choose to allow information to be released; in that case, your Therapist should obtain a signed consent form from you. If your therapy is provided as an employment benefit, there should be no requirement for the Therapist to report back to an employer about your progress. 

First Session

During scheduling of your first appointment we will ask for some basic  information from you to assess if our practice can provide you with  appropriate treatment. If we determine we can help you, we will schedule  an in-take appointment. During this initial session a therapist will  evaluate you, asking about your background and why you are seeking  treatment. This is the occasion upon which you can begin to establish a  harmonious working relationship with the therapist. Any questions you  need answered about our service, including privacy practices, can be  responded to by the therapist at this session.

Follow Up Sessions

The first session is a collaborative effort by both participants to  determine the best treatment plan. If it is decided the therapist  assigned to you is a good fit, we will set up a regularly scheduled  appointment (usually on a weekly basis), according to the availability  of both participants. Therapy sessions normally run about one hour. The  second session with the therapist is about goal-setting and what are  your expectations of therapy, if any. From this second session forward,  you and the therapist will work to achieve the best outcome for your  mental health and / or personal growth issues.


Elements of Motivation employs a strong licensed clinical team including Family Therapists, Clinical Professional Counselors and Clinical Social Workers. Services include Family Therapy, Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling. See our services section for more information about each of our services. Sessions may take place at the Elements of Motivation office, at your home or in a community setting. In certain circumstances, teletherapy can be provided.